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still havent seen any greenday jokes….its september….wtf is going on

i guess everyone’s on holiday

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Anonymous asked: Just stop for a second and think about all the stuff you have over come so far. I'm not going to list it because you know. So far everything life has thrown at you you have come out on top. So don't give up yet. You are a fighter! :)

Until you have experienced this situation and it’s after effects, it’s a horrid feeling you can’t describe . You feel life cheated you. You feel alone. You feel the one person who should be there for you and care doesn’t. It’s like I’m being mocked. That’s how it feels. Like everyone else is happy and everything about all this is fine and should be swept aside but it’s really not. I’m usually strong. I’ve been fighting as hard as I can but I just give up. I’ve fought for in excess of 9 months. It got me no where. I wasted everything.

Anonymous asked: i know it can be really hard, and this comes from the bottom if my heart, but keep trying, and i promise eventually things will get better. you're strong, you can do this

I don’t even know who you are anon, or why you’d care. This whole situation has killed me and scarred me inside . It’s all very hard

When your heart is confused, and it messes your head up, that’s the worst feeling.

Especially when no one can help you or tell you if what you feel is real.

Anonymous asked: man, i'm sorry for all the shit that's going on in your life, i wish i could help..

If I could turn back time and stop things from happening, chsnge decisions, make sacrifices , I would of sorted everything. Even now I’m trying my hardest but nothing works.

I question myself why , why did any of this even happen. Why me.

Why is it I have to be the one to suffer while everyone else is happy. I’m sick of feeling like this.